5 Topics of Tenant Taboo

Divulging certain information could mean big trouble, and even land you hefty fines.

When owners call into our office looking for management services, most have preferences about how they’d prefer their home to be rented. Unfortunately, by law, there are certain things that should not be discussed when renting a property.

David Lowrey, owner of a property management company in Tampa, FL, lists five things that should not be talked about with tenants in his blog. The five items are:

  1. Do not say the neighborhood if safe or a low crime area
  2. Do not answer any questions about the racial or ethnic groups in the area
  3. Do not say that kids are not allowed
  4. Do not call a tenant’s home or work and leave messages with people not on the lease about rent
  5. Do not mention anything about the types of churches in the neighborhood

This information is great for owners looking to either rent out their home themselves, or great knowledge to keep in mind if a property management company is attempting to rent out the property for the owner. Potential renters ask our property management company, Real Property Management Select, consistently about the neighborhoods of our rental properties. We suggest that they call non-emergency police to ask about the activity of the specific neighborhood of the rental home they are interested.

The state of California is very strict with its laws regarding rental homes and tenants. Discrimination is not taken lightly. Keeping abreast of the laws, knowing the right person to contact or hiring a property manager are the best ways to take care of all the legal aspects of renting a home.