Maintaining Your Investment

Need help maintaining your Investment Property? Quality Property Management companies will visit your property several times a year to assure proper maintenance and care is being completed.

One key aspect to any investment rental is to maintain the value of the property. You may not be able to control the ups and downs of the economy, but what you can control is the condition of your home. A well maintained home allows higher rent and better tenants.

The problem for many investment homeowners is that they are unsure how to know if a tenant will take care of their home. This is where we come in. Real Property Management Select completes quarterly inspections on all our properties to make sure proper maintenance is occurring.

Not only does frequent inspections help find those small concerns that could lead to bigger and more costly repairs in the future, but it also gives us as property managers a chance to show the tenants how to properly maintain the property. Simple items like adjusting the automated sprinkler system may go unnoticed by the tenants. As the seasons change, the maintenance necessary to properly upkeep the investment home also changes. Quarterly inspections allow us to stay ahead of the changing weather.

Quarterly inspections are also another great way of confirming that the tenants listed on a lease are the only ones living at the property. We have run into situations where additional tenants have tried to move into our properties with out going through the application process. These new tenants would have been missed if it were not for our inspections.

I found this article on Zillow and it does a great job of explaining the benefits of a good Property Management Company. We inspect all our properties in person every quarter to insure they are being well maintained.