A Word on Investment Properties

The following article gives a brief thought on residential investment homes, and how management and past homeowners as tenants could increase additional income for an owner.

Investment properties can turn a profitable income if managed properly. With mortgage rates as low as they are, asking for rent higher than a mortgage payment could put hundreds of dollars into your pocket each month. This coupled with an increased renter market means that your home could rent faster and for that higher rent amount that you are asking for because of the demand for rental housing.

Something to keep in mind when thinking of purchasing a home or using your current home as an investment property is that the renter market these days has increased due in part to past home owners who have sadly lost their own homes because of the economy. This is not new information. However, these past homeowners could turn into wonderful tenants for your property. Although they may not have been able to afford their $2,400+ monthly mortgage, they would gratefully pay your $1,900 rent each month. And on top of paying you rent, they would treat your home with the same pride that they had in their own home. When thinking of using your property as an investment, don’t always think negatively about the renter market—some people are hard working, honest individuals who are only looking for some help in recovering some of their losses.

Another thing to know is that you do not need to handle these investment properties yourself. If you are unfamiliar with the processes of how to control an investment property or do not have the time, there are local property management companies that could handle everything for just a small fee and still cut you a check every month. Services typically include advertising, leasing, accounting and overall management of your property to save you the hassle and net you the biggest profit each month.

Should you happen to be looking for a local property management company for an investment property within the North San Francsico Bay or Greater Sacramento areas, look no further. Call today for more information.