Another Solano County Happening Putting Us On The Map

For their next stop, TV show “Restaurant: Impossible”, comes to the quaint bay city of Benicia, CA, to the downtown restaurant Pappas to work some magic. The show, featured on the Food Network channel, attempts to turn the restaurant upside-down “in just two days with only $10,000” (as stated on their website).

The local Benicia newspaper, The Benicia Herald, wrote an article about the restaurant and its upcoming fame. They were able to get a first-hand interview with the owner of Pappas, who claims he cannot be present during the remodel. The restaurant was closed from Tuesday, January 24th, to Wednesday, January 25th, for the “magic” to happen.

The “Restaurant: Impossible” episode should air sometime after February 8th, in the third season of the show. Hopefully this remodel will help the 20-year-old business stay in business for another 20+ years. From what I understand, it’s difficult to obtain a reservation at the restaurant. For all you Greek and American food fans, I encourage you to go check out Pappas and post comments about the “magic” of both the remodel and the food!

You can view the full Benicia Herald article here.