Do You Really Need a Property Manager?

Are you pulling your hair out trying to manage all aspects of owning rental property? Find out why a professional property manager could help you keep your sanity.

Managing your own rental property can be a pretty daunting task at times. It can be difficult during a hectic work week to find the time to do all the things that are necessary to rent, maintain and manage a home. Many people do not have the time, experience or resources you need to successfully market the home, show the home, process applications to find qualified tenants, and maintain the home. You need to be on call 24/7 to field maintenance calls. You need to know the legal side of renting a home to protect yourself and your investment. There are so many aspects of managing your own rental property that you have to decide if it makes sense to do it all on your own. Do you have the time? Is it cost effective? This is where the property manager comes in.

  • A professional property management company will aggressively market your home, exploring all avenues of advertising, and using the latest advertising techniques.
  • A property management company should show your home personally, and not just hand the keys to your investment to anyone wanting to view the property.
  • Property managers will have all the resources needed to properly screen and qualify prospective tenants. It is of paramount importance to run a criminal background check, credit check, and to verify the rental history of anyone that will be living in your investment.
  • A property manager will also coordinate maintenance efforts with professional and licensed technicians.
  • Property managers should perform regular inspections to ensure that your home is being take care of.

Other responsibilities of the property manager include, but are not limited to, collecting rent, taking calls from tenants and prospective tenants, coordinating maintenance. Sending the appropriate legal notices to the tenant for late or nonpayment of rent, violations of lease terms, and if need be, working through the difficult legalities of the eviction process.

These are just a few ways a professional property management company can make your life easier, and your investments more profitable. If you think a property management company might be able to help you, or have been thinking about giving up on the difficult task of managing your own property, give us a call at Real Property Management Select for a Free Rental Analysis.